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Your backflow prevention device is an essential part of your home. This device is in place to ensure that pressure changes between the municipal water supply or sewage system does not allow sewage to get backed up into your drinking water. A backflow preventer not only keeps you from drinking contaminated water, but also prevents your own sewage from backing into the city's water, keeping everyone else in your town safe as well. Here are some tips to keep your backflow preventer up to date: 

How to tell if your Backflow Preventer needs repair. 

A damaged backflow prevention device can cause serious harm to your family. When this device stops working, you could literally be drinking the same water that you just washed down the drain. Although leaks and contaminated water can be occasionally visible, oftentimes backflow preventers need repair without any warning signs. The only way to really tell if your backflow preventer needs repair is to call a professional to inspect it. Drinking contaminated water can result in serious health issues, and in some instances, even death. Here's what Anthony's can do to repair your  backflow preventer: 

  • We replace parts that may have wear and tear as the result of a storm.
  • We repair any parts of the system that may be causing leaks or discharge to spew from your backflow system.
  • We ensure the pressure within your system is up to code, which guarantees that water from your sewage system isn't backing up into your drinking water.

How to tell if your Backflow Preventer needs replacement. 

It is extremely important that any issues with your backflow preventer are taken seriously. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the device, you may not always be able to detect if there's a problem. You do not want your backflow preventer to be malfunctioning without your knowledge. So, if you are consistently finding that repairs are necessary whenever you have your backflow inspected, it may be time to consider a replacement. Here's how Anthony's can help:

  • We work with our customers to ensure a full-system replacement is truly necessary, attempting to repair any issues beforehand.
  • We provide our customers with a brand-new, high quality backflow prevention system, to ensure all parts are working properly.
  • Our certified technicians will guarantee that the new model is installed correctly, as well as passes any and all certification requirements requested by the state. 

How Anthony's will help prevent problems with your backflow preventer.

With such a high risk of illness, your backflow problems need to be solved immediately. Fortunately, the team here at Anthony's will work quickly and efficiently in making sure your water supply is healthy 100% of the time. Here's how we get the job done.  

  • We provide anti-theft options for your backflow prevention system, such as fences, to ensure your system does not fall victim to vandalism or theft.
  • We provide quality inspections, ensuring your system is always up to code. 
  • We provide quality repairs, ensuring that parts that may have caused issues in the past do not continue to do so in the future. 

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